Honey Bee Creative

Agency Branding

Honey Bee Creative is an agency I created for my Account Management class during my senior year of undergrad. This document was written and designed by me to communicate with my staff and others the purpose, vision, mission, and values of the agency.



The A-Team is an advertising firm created in my Account Management class during my senior year of undergrad where I acted as Chief Operating Officer. The purpose of this RFP was to create an effective, memorable campaign, executed across a broad spectrum of channels for Wienerschnitzel.

Ocean Spray

Media Plan

Ocean Spray was the client for my Channel Planning class during my senior year of undergrad. This individual project included market research, situation and SWOT analysis, media strategy and tactics, calculating GRPs, CPMs, reach and frequencies, and producing a budget and an executive summary. The Media Plan was intended to have a creative design for the pitch at the end of my semester.

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